20 Temmuz 2014 Pazar

My Article about French Foreign and Security Policy in Africa was just Published

Afro Eurasian Studies Journal Vol 3. Issue 1, Spring 2014

Understanding French Foreign and Security Policy towards Africa: Pragmatism or Altruism

Abdurrahim Sıradağ


France has deep economic, political and historical relations with Africa, dating back to the 17th century. Since the independence of the former colonial countries in Africa in the 1950s and 1960s, France has continued to maintain its economic and political relations with its former colonies. Importantly, France has a special strategic security partnership with the African countries. It has intervened militarily in Africa more than 50 times since 1960. France has especially continued to use its military power to strengthen its economic, political and strategic relations with Africa. For instance, it deployed its military troops in Mali in January 2013 and in the Central African Republic in December 2013. Why does France actively get involved in Africa militarily? This research will particularly uncover the main motivations behind the French foreign and security policy in Africa.

Key words: Francophone Africa, France, Foreign Policy, Africa,
economic interests.



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